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HaitechWeb Consulting was created as a subsidiary of HaitechWorld Consulting and was founded by Mr. Ronald Charles who is also the Ron President of the organization. Mr. Charles has a Master Degree in Financial Management with a Chartered Financial Analyst Emphasis and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technical Management, with emphasis on IT & Project Management.

After working several years in the Financial and IT industry, Mr. Charles founded HaitechWeb Consulting, a subsidiary of HaitechWorld Consulting, with the vision to help individual small business, entrepreneurs, and professionals enhancing their procedural daily business operations with state-of-the art web technology.

In that respect, HaitechWeb offers a wide variety of web technology, data analytics, and IT Consulting Services to professional, small businesses, and Entrepreneurs worldwide. Over the years, HaitechWerb has evolved to be a leading consulting firm in the world.


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